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Pet Grooming

Pamper your pets with expert care and grooming services to keep them happy, healthy, and looking their best.

Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

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From basic trims to full, breed-standard grooms, we can accommodate any style your dog prefers! Let us help your dog bring out her inner rock star!

We are proud to offer the best full-service professional pet grooming and deluxe bathing in Philadelphia. We take the time to discuss your pet’s specific needs, as well as your desires, to ensure your pet receives the personalized care that they require. Our philosophy is that every pet can benefit from the added attention to detail that our Grooming Salon offers – from cleaning to haircuts; these services can provide many benefits.


As a pet owner, you can appreciate the soft cuddliness of a clean coat on your dog. Unfortunately, pets like to get messy, so their fur may not always be shiny and smooth. With the grooming services of Companion Pet Hospital, you can help your pet stay healthy and clean without struggling with a fussy dog. Here’s a closer look at our grooming services to help you reduce excess fur and eliminate stinky pet odors from your household.

Grooming is great for both the health and appearance of your pet. With regular grooming, your dog can maintain a tangle-free coat that does not trap unpleasant odors that get spread around the house. Shedding is reduced with grooming which also promotes overall hygiene. If you are worried about fleas or ticks, grooming will keep these pests at bay with all-natural products that won’t irritate the skin.

  • Full Bath, Brush Out & Nail Trim – This includes a bath, brush-out, ear cleaning, nail trim, and anal gland expression (by client request.)
  • Face, Feet, Tail – Includes a full bath, brush-out, ear cleaning, nail trim, a paw shape-up, and any necessary tail and face trimming.
  • Complete Groom – Includes everything that comes with our Face, Feet, and Tail, plus a body trim.
  • Brush out – For a quick grooming treatment that can minimize shedding, you might choose a full brush out with no bath. Your pet’s coat will be softer and healthier with regular brushing and will prevent matting. This is an ideal service between baths and full grooming.
  • Ear cleaning – Ear cleaning is a necessary part of the grooming process for dogs, but many canines have trouble sitting still while their owners try to clean inside the ears. Choosing to have your ears cleaned professionally can spare you the stress and make the experience much easier on your dog. Ear cleaning can alert potential ear and yeast infections.
  • Nail trimming – Trimming nails is another essential grooming habit owners might have trouble with since dogs have very sensitive nails that house tiny blood vessels. Professional groomers can trim nails with ease, reducing the likelihood of injuries.